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I'm Bert

Two important things: I love to cook & I love cameras. [Maddie if you're reading this I love you also] Most of the time those two passions collide and the resulting combination shows up on my Instagram and the kitchen is a mess. I'm always trying out new techniques and looking for inspiration.

I moved to Nashville in 2015 immediately after graduating from Tennessee with a degree in Advertising and currently I'm the Social Media Coordinator at J. Alexander’s Holdings. [they let me take photos there too, pretty neat]

While I work full-time, I also highly enjoy freelance photography and videography to keep my skills sharp. So check out the site, and if you find something you like, follow me on Instagram. If you find something you really like or want to talk about booking for your show/engagement/dog's birthday, check out the contact page and let's talk. Currently I don't shoot weddings, but that might change one day and then I'll get to delete this sentence.